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 Post subject: Referral Reports & Example Reports
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 12:56 am 
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It is very important for all members intending to vouch for FA's, to write what is known as a "referral report"

A referral report is a a brief yet well explained paragraph that should consist of (but is not limited to) the following:
{NB: the following is not a form to be copy/pasted, rather a guideline for optional use}

- How & When did you meet the person your vouching for?
- How & When did she/he become your friend?
- How long have you know him/her?
- Why do you think he/she would make a good contribution to the legion?

Some examples of good referral reports are as follows:

[FA] Red_Rascal - Referred by: Ghjff, Veseble, Robtokill

Reply from Ghjff:
I've know this guy for a few years now, he is a nice guy very active and will be a good addition to the clan. He knows what he is doing in the wilderness and will return lots. He is also really friendly and funny when you get to know him. I think thats why hed be a great addition to our clan.

Reply from Veseble:
Met this guy a few months ago at mage bank, seems like a good pker and a nice enough person, doesn't flame at all from what ive seen and is active in our timezone. He is also really active on forums which is nice to see.. I had a great time reading his Intro too.. Which he put a good deal of effort into.

Reply from Robtokill:
Didn't get off to the greatest of starts with this guy but i got to know him and he would make a good addition to CL, he seems like a helpful kind of guy if you ask him to make glorys for you he will which can be very handy. Ive known him now for like..2 months and got to be friends with him when we started going kq'ing together like a month ago.. He'll do well in this clan IMO.


So.. Ideally, heres what you should/shouldnt do when writing out a report!

Ohhh Yeaahhhh I looooveeee Rascal.. Me and him go way back!! Ill vouchhh@@ welcome to CL hunny :wubwubwub:

Reffered! Rascal has been a great friend of mine and when he was last in CL he was I'm a massive faggot as fuck..(till he left haha). I feel that he has become active again and i have just convinced him to join CL. He promises to be a great member by being active and tanking and returning - Welcome home again!

Good/Exceeds Expectations:
Rascal an oldschool member of CL and an ex-leaderboard member from back in the day. Me and him have always gotten along due to his friendly personality and ability to fit in well with the community. I only hope that he will continue to remain active over time and not disappear. If he can be consitent then im sure he will be a great member once again. I wish him the very best of luck through the application process, but im sure he wont need it if he stays on the beaten track.

This is all that you really need to do. Just post 3-5 lines like this about the applicant which will help us:

A) We can get a better idea about the type of applicants we are getting into CL.
B) We can cut out people handing our refferals because they were simply asked.

Dont sweat the technique ツ!!
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